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Mom’s Chicken Cutlets

Mom's Chicken Cutlets, recipe by Katie Crafts;

Recipe: Mom’s Chicken Cutlets

One of the earliest things I remember helping my mom cook was her chicken cutlets. She’d lay out three bowls (one for flour, one for eggs, and one for breadcrumbs) and let me dip the chicken in to each, carefully coating it on each side. It made my fingers disgusting, but I loved every minute of it. Especially because I knew it meant very soon I’d get to eat my mother’s amazing chicken cutlets. Continue reading Mom’s Chicken Cutlets

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Wordless Wednesday: Love

Wordless Wednesday: Love on Katie Crafts;

Wordless Wednesday: Love

Since this whole week is devoted to Valentine’s Day, it’s appropriate that today’s photo is one from my parent’s wedding day. They got married on February 14th, 1976, which means it would have been their 39th anniversary this year. Continue reading Wordless Wednesday: Love