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Wordless Wednesday: Mother’s Day

Wordless Wednesday: Mother's Day on Katie Crafts;

Wordless Wednesday: Mother’s Day

These photos are of the Weeping Cherry tree on my Dad’s front lawn. We bought it for my mom for Mother’s Day 10 years ago!

I know it was 10 years ago because it was just a few weeks before I graduated from college. Yup- that anniversary is very near. Yikes. Anyway! We planted the tree on the other side of the lawn, opposite where we planted a Dogwood the year before. We bought her a Mother’s Day tree every year for at LEAST 6 years, but the little guys never seemed to be strong enough to make it. This one did, though! Look at all his branches? So cute.

Before my Dad moves (which hopefully isn’t any time soon), Husband and I are going to try to get a cross-section of the tree and plant it in a pot and nurse it to a sapling. I really want part of Mom’s tree in my yard one day, especially if I can’t visit hers anymore. I just hope the little guy survives in a pot for a few years til we’re in the suburbs and have a lawn!

Do you have a tree or plant that’s lasted a decade?