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Words For Wednesday: Give Thanks

Words For Wednesday: Give Thanks on Katie Crafts;

Today’s Words for Wednesday are about tomorrow’s holiday! Here are a few quotes I gathered from Pinterest that are about giving thanks. They are both lovely sentiments and really pretty to look at, too! Enjoy these quotes and enjoy your Thanksgiving!

I guess today is both a “Words for Wednesday” and “Wordless Wednesday” since I am not saying too much myself! That’s just because I love the artwork created for each of these wonderful quotes, so there isn’t much to say. If you do too, be sure to check out the originals by visiting each of their pins.

Words For Wednesday: Give Thanks on Katie Crafts;

Which quote reminding you to give thanks did you like best? Pin it on Pinterest!

2 thoughts on “Words For Wednesday: Give Thanks

  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Katie!

  2. You know me and quotes…LOVE them. I love all the quotes you’ve shared here today. My favorite is the very first image of yours, and I also like the Rumi quote very much.

    I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, katie!

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