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Words for Wednesday: Follow Your Bliss

Words for Wednesday: Follow Your Bliss on Katie Crafts;

This weekend I followed my bliss… right to Longwood Gardens! I have some pink dahlias in a pot in front of my house, but they aren’t loving the constant heat right now. I assumed this was something all dahlias had in common until I went to the gardens and found a huge courtyard filled with them!

I took a billion pictures while there (extensive gorgeous photo post coming soon!) and it was very hard to choose my favorite, but these two shots of pinkish orange dahlias made it into my top faves and thus a featured post! Which of these pics do you like best?

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12 thoughts on “Words for Wednesday: Follow Your Bliss

  1. I love dahlias, and yours is absolutely gorgeous!
    (Thank you for the feature too 🙂

    1. Thanks Natalia! I love dahlias too! I just wish the ones in front of my house were as pretty as the ones in this garden!

  2. Delightful dahlias! I need to follow my bliss to Longwood Gardens soon, too. Thank you so fairy much for sharing my giveaway!

    1. Of course, my dear!

  3. Hi Katie! I’ve always liked dahlias as well (my grandfather used to grow & exhibit them) but Mum hates them because of the earwigs! Oh, Kristin sent me btw!

    1. Mine looks so sad right now! The plant itself looks healthy but every flower is dead, so it looks like a pitiful pot on our front bench! haha

  4. The colors are just breathtaking. Just looking at it brightens up my day. I will sure miss summer. And the first shot is my favorite because it has, “follow your bliss” which is such a positive reinforcement.

    1. Thank you! I am in love with the colors in the dahlia too!

  5. I love this picture!
    YourDahlias are so beautiful!

  6. These are beautiful flowers. Sad that the nice weather is almost over and all the flowers will be gone. 🙁

  7. Such beautiful colours! , this is beauty ! i love it !

    1. Thank you Jessica!

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