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Wordless Wednesday: Kitty Adoption Day

Wordless Wednesday: Kitty Adoption Day on Katie Crafts;

Four years ago today, Husband (who at that point was just Boyfriend) and I officially adopted this little mush! We met Mabel through a friend who was fostering her and waited impatiently until she weighed enough to get fixed, as she couldn’t be adopted out until then. She was under 3 pounds for so long that they finally just fixed her anyway and we took her home as part of our family on December 16, 2011! Continue reading Wordless Wednesday: Kitty Adoption Day

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Wordless Wednesday: Second Spring

Wordless Wednesday: Second Spring on Katie Crafts;

Happy Wednesday! I only just recently came across this quote, which I completely love! Considering the Fall is my favorite time of year, this Albert Camus quotation is pretty perfect and exactly how I feel about the season.

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”

Isn’t it completely fitting!? Love it! Husband snapped this photo just yesterday. That’s pretty surprising, considering usually by my birthday (last week), most of the leaves are off the trees and I’ve missed the Fall entirely. Things stayed kind of warm this year and there are still plenty of changing colors and autumn hues to enjoy!

What other quotes about the season do you love? Share them below!

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Wordless Wednesday: 33

Wordless Wednesday: 33 on Katie Crafts; https:/

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I spent my 33rd birthday yesterday going to brunch, then the Philadelphia Museum of Art, followed by walking around a rainy city and then dinner. I snapped just a few photos from the day and thought I’d share them with you! Continue reading Wordless Wednesday: 33

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Wordless Wednesday: Race for Hope

Wordless Wednesday: Race For Hope on Katie Crafts;

This past Sunday, November 1st, was the Race for Hope Philadelphia! It’s an annual race held by the National Brain Tumor Society which raises awareness and money for research in the fight against brain tumors. This year was their 10th year in Philly! Continue reading Wordless Wednesday: Race for Hope