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Morris Arboretum: Home Tweet Home

Last Saturday, we visited the place we wed and had a fun scavenger hunt finding designer birdhouses on the grounds! Check out the photos from Morris Arboretum: Home Tweet Home!

Last Saturday, the Husband and I went to the Morris Arboretum here in Philadelphia to celebrate our 6 month anniversary! It’s where we got married back in October, so we thought it would be a perfect place to go. It was also a completely gorgeous day, so it was definitely a great choice! When we got there, they happened to be celebrating Arbor Day with a “Home Tweet Home” Exhibit of designer birdhouses amongst the grounds! We grabbed a map and spent the next few hours on a birdhouse scavenger hunt!

There were 29 birdhouses in all, hidden all over the Arboretum. We had a blast seeking them all out and taking pics for the blog, and we photographed a ton of other landscapes along the way! Here are a few galleries of what we came across on our day out!

First, here are all the birdhouses, in sequential order! Underneath are the designers and titles of each.

  1. Thomas Burke – John Chads’ House
  2. Murrie Gayman – The Beethoven Birdhouse
  3. Joanna Omlor Cahill – The Rusted Aviary
  4. Devin McNutt – A Nest For Kinnaris
  5. Alison Auth – Nena
  6. Thomas Burke – Canitoe Corners; Martha Stewart’s home in Bedford, NY
  7. Jacob Bass – Bluebird Box
  8. Howard Brosius – Green Roof Quadraplex
  9. Thomas Burke – Inspired by Andrew Wyeth’s ‘Goodbye, My Love’
  10. Thomas Burke – Inspired by Andrew Wyeth’s ‘Christina’s World’
  11. Thomas Burke – Inspired by Andrew Wyeth’s ‘Evening at Kuerners’
  12. Rachel Kaufman – House of Blues
  13. Estelle Carraz-Bernabei – Nature’s Miracle
  14. Jennifer Hawkes – Woodsy Hollow
  15. Amy Orr – The Urban Weaver Nest
  16. Thomas Burke – The Clubhouse at Augusta National; Home of the Masters Golf Tournament
  17. Ralph Aument – The Silo
  18. Frank Buono – Sweet Retreat
  19. Crooked Works – Toss!
  20. David Robinson – Big Log Chalet
  21. Philadelphia Salvage Company – Casa Recuperada
  22. John Hurd Jones – Shaman of the Woods
  23. Austin + Mergold LLC – The Finch Stable; from Domus Avicus Philadelphicus
  24. Shady Apple Goats – Lost and Found
  25. Penelope Lisk – Reach for the Birds
  26. Natural Lands Trust – Barred Owl Box
  27. Natural Lands Trust – Eastern Screech Own Box
  28. Natural Lands Trust – Bluebird Box
  29. Joe Robinson – Birdbrain Birdhouse (two photos of this from each angle!)

Fun facts! When we hit number 7 (Bluebird Box), a robin flew out of it just as Sean was finishing a photo of it! It scared him half to death. He was scared the rest to death when we got to number 27 (Eastern Screech Owl Box) and an owl that was apparently occupying the box screeched super loudly. I giggled the whole time.

Now here is a gallery of some of our other photos! It was a lovely day so I wanted to share them! Enjoy!

Hi, little butterfly!
Morris Arboretum: Home Tweet Home on Katie Crafts;
Sitting on our bench!
Morris Arboretum: Home Tweet Home on Katie Crafts;
So lonely without us.

Throwback! How awesome is this photo of us on our bench on our wedding day!? Our photographer was the bestttttt!

Morris Arboretum: Home Tweet Home on Katie Crafts;

Ok one more throwback shot! Here are the trees we got married next to now, and then the day we got married there!

Ahhh, memories! Right now I’m heading out for my one of my absolute favorite festivals of the year here in Philly: Rittenhouse Row Spring Festival! I’ll report back with photos if I can manage any! Happy Saturday!