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Wordless Wednesday: Earth Day

Wordless Wednesday: Earth Day on Katie Crafts;

Wordless Wednesday: Earth Day

Today is Earth Day! I thought it would be fitting to have today’s Wordless Wednesday pics be nature inspired ones in honor of the day. More specifically, things we planted over the weekend! They come with a funny story, making this a very WORDY Wednesday… Continue reading Wordless Wednesday: Earth Day

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Morris Arboretum: Home Tweet Home

Last Saturday, we visited the place we wed and had a fun scavenger hunt finding designer birdhouses on the grounds! Check out the photos from Morris Arboretum: Home Tweet Home!

Last Saturday, the Husband and I went to the Morris Arboretum here in Philadelphia to celebrate our 6 month anniversary! It’s where we got married back in October, so we thought it would be a perfect place to go. It was also a completely gorgeous day, so it was definitely a great choice! When we got there, they happened to be celebrating Arbor Day with a “Home Tweet Home” Exhibit of designer birdhouses amongst the grounds! We grabbed a map and spent the next few hours on a birdhouse scavenger hunt! Continue reading Morris Arboretum: Home Tweet Home