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Throwback Thursday: Cone of Shame

Throwback Thursday: Cone of Shame on Katie Crafts;

In order to adopt Mabel, she had to be fixed. We took her to our home straight from the vet, along with her cone of shame. She sported this plastic one that was too big for her for the first two days. Then she pulled it off in the middle of the night and ripped open her stitches. Ew! We ended up having to get a smaller blue cone for the remainder of her sentence, and wrapped gauze around her like a diaper.

She may have hated them, but ohmygosh she was so cute when she wore them! I know I’ve posted these pics before, but I just had to share again for Throwback Thursday! Isn’t she such a silly little peanut?

Share your favorite TBT pics of your pets below! 🙂