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Wordless Wednesday: Pillow Queen

Wordless Wednesday: Pillow Queen on Katie Crafts;

Here sits Mabel, Queen of the Pillows. The Husband and I were cracking up when Mabel decided of all the places to lounge, this would be her spot. We had a lofty afghan and four pillows stacked on top of a chair and she climbed up the side of the chair to the top and ever so carefully boarded her pillow kingdom. Continue reading Wordless Wednesday: Pillow Queen

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Featured Etsy Shop: Hannahdoodle

Featured Etsy Shop: Hannahdoodle on Katie Crafts;

Featured Etsy Shop: Hannahdoodle

Meet Hannah! [Hi, Hannah!] She’s from “Handmade by Hannahdoodle” over on Etsy. She creates the most insanely cute little felt brooches, plushies and more you ever did see. Get ready for your head to explode- and it will when you’ve seen her happy little French-toast-with-a-mustache-brooch! Continue reading Featured Etsy Shop: Hannahdoodle