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Wordless Wednesday: Pillow Queen

Wordless Wednesday: Pillow Queen on Katie Crafts;

Here sits Mabel, Queen of the Pillows. The Husband and I were cracking up when Mabel decided of all the places to lounge, this would be her spot. We had a lofty afghan and four pillows stacked on top of a chair and she climbed up the side of the chair to the top and ever so carefully boarded her pillow kingdom.

Since this past Saturday (February 20th) was National Love Your Pet Day, I just had to share this photo of my little Pea for this week’s Wordless Wednesday shot! She was pretty pleased with herself, as you can tell.

It’s not too late to show your appreciation to your kit or pup! Make them a super comfy pet bed to snuggle up on and they’ll love you forever!

How did you and your furry babies celebrate National Love Your Pet Day?

3 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Pillow Queen

  1. Absolutely adorable! ^.^

  2. Hehe, mabel is so cute! what a majestic queen!

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