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Mother’s Day Earrings Giveaway!

Mother's Day Earrings Giveaway! on Katie Crafts;

How cute are these tiny little earrings? Wouldn’t it be just fabulous if both you AND your mom or your bestie could win a pair? Well, it’s your lucky day! Head over to my Instagram Page now for this Mother’s Day Earrings Giveaway! Continue reading Mother’s Day Earrings Giveaway!

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Motivation Monday: Do Your Own Thing

Motivation Monday: Do Your Own Thing on Katie Crafts;

Sometimes it is easy to get pushed along in a certain direction with the rest of the crowd, but we must always try to forge our own way. It is Motivation Monday, so let’s aim to be like this beautiful tree top and not worry about what everyone else is doing. Instead, let’s do our own thing! Continue reading Motivation Monday: Do Your Own Thing

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Whole30 Approved Egg Muffins

Whole30 Approved Egg Muffins on Katie Crafts;

I’ll be the first to tell you, I hate breakfast. I like breakfast foods, but I don’t like eating as soon as I wake up. I’m never hungry in the morning- in fact, I get nauseous if I eat too early. And I never, ever, ever want to wake up and immediately cook. Husband is the opposite, being famished within moments of fluttering his eyes open. That’s why these Whole30 approved Egg Muffins are such a lifesaver for both of us! Continue reading Whole30 Approved Egg Muffins

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Whole30, Day 1!

Whole 30, Day 1! on Katie Crafts;

Happy Monday, readers! Today is the day I begin Whole30! I’ve been feeling very sluggish and tired and generally yucky lately, so I was looking for a way to reset my insides and try to figure out what it is causing it. My friends were about to start Whole30 too, so I hopped on the bandwagon with Husband in tow. Here we are: Whole30, Day 1! Continue reading Whole30, Day 1!

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Washington D.C. Trip Photo Recap!

Washington D.C. Photo Recap! on Katie Crafts;

Finally! I finally got together my favorite photos from my trip to Washington D.C. a couple weekends ago. The Husband and I had so much fun and took SO many photos of the many things we saw (Art! History! Cherry Blossoms!) that it took a long time to parse through the best. Check out all my favorites in my Washington D.C. trip photo recap below! Continue reading Washington D.C. Trip Photo Recap!

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Vintage Rippling Blocks Afghan

Vintage Rippling Blocks Afghan on Katie Crafts;

I have been so busy lately! Last week we spent a weekend in Washington D.C. (photos of that trip coming later this week!), then this week we ran around town doing errands and planted all our plants in front and back of our house. In between, I’ve been occupying my time (and hands) with a new crochet project! This Vintage Ripple Blocks Afghan pattern from Angela Marie on Ravelry is just too cute. Continue reading Vintage Rippling Blocks Afghan