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It’s My 100th Post!! Let’s Celebrate!

100th Post & Etsy Flash Sale on Katie Crafts;

Katie Crafts has only been officially launched for a little over two months now, but today is the 100th post! Okay, okay, you got me. About 30 of the posts are cat pics. Whatever. That means 70 are full on content, and I’m still excited to see “100 published posts” on the top of my page! I am celebrating with a flash sale in my Etsy shop! Also, it’s Tax Day today, so put your tax return to good use and spend it on yourself. 😉

All of my loyal Katie Crafts readers will get 30% off ANYTHING you buy! Spend $1 or $100- you will get 30% off your total with coupon KCFLASH30. You’ll also get a little freebie “thank you!” gift with your purchase, which you can always count on from Katie Crafts. The flash sale coupon expires this Friday, so don’t miss out! Stock up on graduation gifts and Mother’s Day presents!

In anticipation of the sale, I spent a good portion of my weekend making brand new items for the shop- some different types that I’m currently testing out- so you’ll have a chance to get your hands on those as well. If they are well received, I’ll add even more! Check them out in the shop and tell me what you think!

My 100th post and Etsy flash sale all in one day! Wow. I kind of can’t believe today marks 100 posts, by the way. No wonder I’m so tired lately. Phew! I think I’ll have a glass of wine with lunch to celebrate. 😀

Don’t forget! You only have until Thursday to sign up for the first homemade swap!