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5 Minute Cherry Tarts

5 Minute Cherry Tarts Recipe on Katie Crafts;

Now that you know how to make my homemade cherry pie filling, let’s put it to use in the easiest possible way: cherry tarts! This dessert will take you all of five minutes to prepare- seriously. And it’s so delicious!

I don’t even think this can be considered a recipe, since there is no cooking involved once the filling is made. I *SUPPOSE*, though, since you presumably just made fresh filling, thats all the cooking you feel like doing right now and you’d like an easy dessert to complete it. Well, I’ve got you covered.


*I used Keebler’s Ready Crust 3 inch Mini Graham Cracker Crusts, 4 oz each. They come in a six pack! If you make the cherry pie filling exactly as listed in my other post, you will have enough cherries to make 15 tarts.


  • Line up your tart crusts.
  • Scoop in room temperature cherry pie filling.
  • Add whipped cream on top (store bought or homemade).
  • Throw a decoration of blueberries or another fruit on top. OR dark chocolate chips, because cherries and dark chocolate are great together! I went with blueberries for a red, white and blue 4th of July dessert!

DONE- yes, that’s really it. Enjoy immediately, as the whipped cream melts pretty quickly.

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  • Do not refrigerate or the filling changes texture.
  • Do not freeze filling, as it contains cornstarch.
  • Try recipe with store-bought canned cherry pie filling for an even faster dessert.

What other quick and easy desserts do you love to make?

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  1. Wow, Katie, this looks delicious! It looks so easy to do too. Thanks so much for sharing!

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