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DIY Foaming Soap Refill

DIY Foaming Soap Refill by Katie Crafts;

Project: DIY Foaming Soap Refill

A few weeks ago, I told you about a project I wanted to try that was all about making your very own foaming hand soap. Well, I finally got around to trying it out, and it really was crazy simple! I’ll be doing this from now on!

Foaming hand soap is my favorite! I just love the bubbles. I was excited when I first learned that I could make my own, but skeptical that it just wouldn’t be the same. I’m glad I finally tried it, since it’s very much the same, and easy, and cheaper, and I can make it at home. All things I love!


  • Empty foaming soap bottle
  • Your favorite body wash


  • Wash out your foaming soap bottle thoroughly! The one I had was a previous home to a tangerine scented soap. I didn’t have any body wash in that scent on hand, so I washed it extra well so there were no traces of tangerine left!
  • Next, fill your bottle up with your favorite body wash about an INCH from the bottom.
  • Using hot (not boiling, but very hot!) water, slowly fill your bottle almost all the way. Leave about an inch on top empty.

DIY Foaming Soap Refill by Katie Crafts;

  • Carefully stir as much as you can of the soap/water combo. When it doesn’t look like you can stir any more, close it up tightly and GENTLY turn the bottle from one side to the other. The soap will begin to mix nicely with the water. DO NOT SHAKE!
  • Give it a few pumps and it’s ready to use! That’s it!

DIY Foaming Soap Refill by Katie Crafts;

I’ll probably decorate the outside of the bottle with a paper sleeve or something, so that people who go to use it aren’t duped in to thinking there is tangerine soap inside! How would you decorate it?

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  1. I’ve had a DIY Foaming Soap pinned on Pinterest for a long time, and I still haven’t tried it yet. I think your DIY is much more simple that the one I have saved, though. I have to see if I have any foaming soap bottles around here…

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