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Etsy Picks: My Birthday Wish List!

Etsy Picks: My Birthday Wish List! by Katie Crafts;

Etsy Picks: My Birthday Wish List! 

This edition of ‘My Etsy Picks’ is quite special- it’s my birthday wish list! I thought about all the things I want for my birthday this year (which is in less than a week!!) and searched Etsy for them. I found a ton of beautiful items and wish I could have included them all, but these are the ones that made the cut!

See the original treasury right here, and check out all the talented artists below! My favorite things include crafting, cats, the warm and cozy and the simply lovely. That’s why I absolutely adore each of these items! I hope you do too! Be sure to fave their shops so you don’t miss out on their new items.

  1. Mary John
  2. Nothing But String
  3. Simka Sol
  4. Brandi Fitzgerald
  5. Marcellamoda
  6. The Dreamy Giraffe
  7. Knit Fashionable
  8. Handcrafted Gifts
  9. Silly Rice
  10. The Leather Store
  11. Simplicity Cosmetics
  12. The Bold Banana
  13. Jill Nicole Co
  14. Decalgalor
  15. Free Bird Cloth
  16. Yarn Island

What do you think of my birthday wish list? Which item is your fave?

3 thoughts on “Etsy Picks: My Birthday Wish List!

  1. Happy early birthday! The gemstone ring is stunningly sparkly.

  2. We both have November bdays, along with May! Yay for November! =0)

  3. Love the wishlist Katie! So many things on here that I want as well. I guess I have to wait until next year 🙁

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