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Featured Etsy Shop: Art By The Dozen

Featured Etsy Shop: Art By The Dozen on Katie Crafts;

Featured Etsy Shop: Art By The Dozen

Today’s featured Etsy shop is such a treat! Christine from Art By The Dozen makes the most breathtaking etched eggs I have ever seen, and I’m thrilled to be able to share them with you (and host a giveaway for one)! I know you are going to love them too- after all, Martha Stewart loved them enough to feature Christine and her gorgeous eggs on her show!

Photo courtesy of the Martha Stewart Show

Tell us a little about yourself…

I am Lithuanian. Thus egg art is Lithuanian. When I was 13 my sister was doing a school project about Lithuania. At that point my mom and sister came across scratched egg art. They decided to try it. I also decided to try my hand at egg scratching. I was terrible! I gave up, but not for long. I am stubborn. I tried again and fell in love. Since then, I have not stopped scratching eggs.

Featured Etsy Shop: Art By The Dozen on Katie Crafts;

What do you love about your craft?

I enjoy taking traditional designs and making them modern. I love using eggs from local farmers. It is amazing how an egg shell can turn into art. All my eggs are not wasted. I make quiche and bake to make sure the insides of the eggs are put to good use.

What item was your favorite to make so far?

My favorite items so far are the goose egg that is abstract. Also the egg I made for the Martha Stewart show, dandelions fine to seed. These two designs show two totally different types egg art and are both equally unique.  

Featured Etsy Shop: Art By The Dozen on Katie Crafts;

Where do you find your creative inspiration?

My creative inspiration comes from everywhere. I take photos of architecture while on vacation. Sometimes I buy cutting books. I take photos of churches in order to try my hand at scratching a traditional church. At times designs from wallpaper or craft paper make great egg designs. Other times I sit with a black egg and start scratching with the hope something new will be born.

Featured Etsy Shop: Art By The Dozen on Katie Crafts;

How did you decide to open your Etsy shop?

Someone told me about Etsy. I started shopping on it when in law school. I thought I’d try and make a shop. I hoped I’d make some money while in school. I put a couple eggs on and went to bed. The next day my shop was empty. I sold out!! From then on I was hooked!

Featured Etsy Shop: Art By The Dozen on Katie Crafts;

Any advice for others who want to start their own Etsy shop, or who are looking to fulfill their passion for crafting?

I tell people all the time about Etsy. I think its a great way to get you crafts seen! My best advice is to take your time with your items and photos. Photos really are key. People have to see your item clearly and in the most artistic way in order for them to really understand what you have to offer as well as hopefully purchase.

In the end your shop will look high end when you’re photos are bright and inviting.  

Featured Etsy Shop: Art By The Dozen on Katie Crafts;

Check out more etched egg designs and learn more by following Chrissy here:




While I take my time to decide which egg I want to buy the most (I LOVE the mushrooms one, but also the dandelions, and also the sunflowers.. oh and all the ones with little birds….), YOU can enter to win a beautiful etched chicken egg of Chrissy’s choosing- that means whoever wins will get a special SURPRISE design! Giveaway ends May 24th at 11:59PM ET. Open to US and Canada only. Please read all terms and conditions!

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37 thoughts on “Featured Etsy Shop: Art By The Dozen

  1. The Spring Easter Egg Owl Night is my very favorite.

  2. My favorite is the Red Pysanky Carved Stand! So pretty!

  3. Never seen this egg art before… Fantastic!

  4. I left a comment on the facebook post, but this shop was one of the first I remember when we joined Etsy! Christine has since changed the shop name, but I would recognize her eggs anywhere. =0)

    This is one of my faves, because I love the color:

  5. thanks so much everyone for the likes!
    2justByou thanks for the kind words!!

  6. These are so beautiful! I had no idea that you could do such a thing! I am going to go do a little research to find out more!

  7. I like the
    Easter Spring Egg – Hand Scratched Real Turkey Egg Unique ETCHED Lithuanian Carved Present Green New Age Tree Carved Pysanky

  8. I really like the
    Floral ROSE Red Pysanky.

  9. I love the dark green geometric star egg!

  10. My favourite egg is the
    Spring Easter Egg Flowers – Duck – Key Lime Green.

  11. Floral ROSE Red Pysanky.

  12. I like the green tree and all of the floral eggs.

  13. I loooove the green mushroom one! I also really like the owls ones! So cute!

  14. Dark green geometric star feather chicken egg is my favourite.

  15. I love them all but the Christmas Holly and Ivy is so pretty for the holidays.

  16. Seen on the Martha Stewart Show Hand Etched Duck Egg Brown Floral Scratched Lithuanian Carved Pysanky Egg Free Wooden Stand

  17. I love the “Spring Easter Egg Flowers – Duck – Key Lime Green – Lithuanian Pysanky Present – Real Egg – Free Wooden Stand.”
    Seen here:

  18. So pretty & unique! I really enjoyed reading this post. 🙂

  19. Seen on the Martha Stewart Show Hand Etched Goose Dark Marron Black Scratched Lithuanian Carved Pysanky Ornament Convertible

  20. Black Floral Etched Carved Egg

  21. I like green New Age Tree Carved Pysanky

  22. I love the
    Hand Etched Goose Dark Marron Black Scratched Lithuanian Carved Pysanky Ornament Convertible

  23. My favorite is the Easter Goose Egg- Black Red White Roses

  24. My favorite egg is the turkey royal blue.

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