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Grad Gifts: My Etsy Picks

Grad Gifts: My Etsy Picks on Katie Crafts;

Grad Gifts: My Etsy Picks

Now that it’s Summer and school is out, there is a great chance you have a Graduation party (or two!) to attend! Whether it be a high school grad or college grad, girl or boy, best friend or relative, there is something here for everyone!

How great are these Etsy shops?! Grad costumes for puppies, inspirational artwork and jewelry, maps of your old (or new!) school, stuff for your dorm: what fantastic ideas for a new graduate! Hope you find it as helpful as I do!

You can find the link to the full treasury here on Etsy.

Here is each shop above, if you want to get a closer look at their items!

  1. Fab Funky
  2. Cases by Csera
  3. Jenna Sue Cityscapes
  4. Geek Tags
  5. Shay Designs Jewelry
  6. Metalsgirl
  7. Festive Home Decor
  8. The Barrtique
  9. MinMac
  10. Happy Go Licky
  11. Pet Dog Trainer
  12. Anders Marc Gifts
  13. Dodi Doodles
  14. Custom Wood Engravings
  15. Kelly and Pavel Design
  16. Think Up Jewel

Do you have any Graduation parties to attend this Summer? Which item do you like the best?

4 thoughts on “Grad Gifts: My Etsy Picks

  1. Excellent ideas!
    (The dog is adorable!)

  2. The tassle rings are fun!

  3. Great graduation gifts!

  4. Love the gifts especially the rings!!

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