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Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Travel Mug

Mother's Day Gift Idea: Travel Mug on Katie Crafts;

Mother’s Day is on May 8th- just a month away! Tell your Mama you think she is the World’s Greatest Okay-est Mom with this awesome travel mug, available for purchase in Katie Crafts’s shop!

The super cute reddish-pink mug is a high quality Contigo brand stainless steel travel mug. It’s the only type of travel mug the Husband and I use in our house. I think we have four of them between the two of us! 🙂

The mug will carry 16 ounces of your Mom’s favorite drink, which won’t spill because it has a leak-proof lid that snaps up for drinking and snaps closed to seal! The mug is vacuum-insulated, so Mother’s drink of choice will stay hot or cold for hours. It also fits under most home brewing systems, making on-the-go coffee even easier.

The decal is made of silver commercial grade vinyl, and will stay in place whenever you hand wash your mug! For more details on how to buy this mug (which is only $23.00 + shipping, by the way!!!), please visit my Etsy shop!

Love the mug for your mom, but don’t want Dad to feel left out? You can grab the matching “World’s Okay-est Dad” travel mug now! May as well get it before it’s gone, so come Father’s Day your parents have a set!

What other things would you like to see on travel mugs?

4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Travel Mug

  1. I love the mom’s mug color! Are you planning to make more with different sayings?

    1. I am! I’m out of red, but have one more silver one in stock that’s even better quality than this one (has a different type of lid) so it will cost a few bucks more- so I’m still debating what to put on it since I only have one. But I will likely be picking up more soon. Any suggestions?! I made a plastic one for me that says “Crafters Gonna Craft” on one side, and “Bloggers Gonna Blog” on the other, and one for my friend that says “this may be wine” as well. 😉 The plastic ones I have a bunch of so I’ll probably put them up for cheaper soon too!

  2. This is a nice mug Katie! I like to writing on it too!

  3. I love it, so cute!!

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