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My Etsy Picks: Home Decor

My Etsy Picks: Home Décor on Katie Crafts;

My Etsy Picks: Home Decor

This week was a busy one so far, and it’s only Tuesday! Last Wednesday, the Husband and I met with a realty guy to maybe think about possibly starting to possibly look at houses to buy. By Sunday we had two houses to go look at, and we saw three more today… in a crazy scary thunderstorm, might I add! It’s all moving much quicker than I anticipated (seriously, thinking of putting an offer in on a house in under a week makes me freak out!), but I love seeing the houses- and seeing how they are decorated! No matter when we move (or to where!), I know I’ll need some new wonderful decorations for the house!

Naturally, I immediately went to Etsy to see what beautiful items I could find- and I found a ton! These items would be great in my home, even if I can’t afford some of them! They’d also make a fantastic housewarming gift for your friend or family (or in the case of the last pick, your favorite kitty!) Hope you like my picks as much as I do!

You can check out the full treasury right here on Etsy, and see each individual shop linked below!

  1. My Little Plants
  2. Pistol Pete’s Survival
  3. Grizzly Custom Steel
  4. 1 OAK Furniture
  5. Urban Motifs
  6. Urban Works Textiles
  7. Honey’s Treasures
  8. Yearn For Yarn
  9. Rustic Refined
  10. Urban Wood Goods
  11. Anitascasa
  12. Reclaimed PA
  13. Rip n Roll Rugs
  14. Home Heart Garden
  15. Pretty Little Woodshop
  16. Mountain Cat Trees

Which home decor pick do you like the best? Any advice for someone who is starting a house hunting search?

5 thoughts on “My Etsy Picks: Home Decor

  1. Great picks! Good luck on searching for a home. It’s an exciting new chapter in your life! I’m still renting right now, don’t think I have enough saved up to buy just yet.
    May from La Vie en May

  2. Awesome finds!
    Looking for a house is stressful 🙂 From our experience, we did not wait for our real estate agent to offer what he would find for us (we had a terrible experience when we did before). We went on a real estate web site and searched every day. I wasted a ton of paper to print out everything to consider!

  3. Good luck on the house hunt! Love these home decor selections 🙂 especially the “Home is wherever I’m with you” wall art!

  4. The scrabble tile sign is adorable!

  5. I love the scrabble tile sign and the mason jar wall garden. =0) Great finds!

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