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Philadelphia Zoo!

Philadelphia Zoo! on Katie Crafts;

This week, Husband and I met up with my friend and her babies for a super fun day at the Philadelphia Zoo! It was pretty sweltering and humid, but it wasn’t too crowded and we still had a great time. Husband took some photos while we were there, so I’m sharing our day in pictures with you!

Did You Know: The Philadelphia Zoo is the America’s very first zoo?! It’s over 42 acres and more than 1300 animals call it home! Because we went early and it was so hot, many animals were hiding in their habitats, especially the larger cats and such. We were still able to get photos of some of them, though they were all pretty sleepy! I didn’t judge though- I was too. Hope you enjoy the pics below!

We were some of the “lucky” viewers to catch the giant tortoises mating in the wee hours of the morning. That was just lovely. Sorry, no pics of that. 😛

This goose had quite the honker!

Mr. Rhino was busy having breakfast and wouldn’t turn around for a photo, so we only got his butt!

We caught on camera a gross mating ritual with the giraffes, but I am NOT including those pics! Little man was most excited for the giraffes, and especially liked the largest one, whose name was Gus.

Philadelphia Zoo! on Katie Crafts;

The sea otters were playing nonstop! They were like little puppies. They’d all swim to one side to play with a toy and then one by one slide over to the other side, watching behind them to make sure they were all together before playing again. So cute!

Philadelphia Zoo! on Katie Crafts;

Too hot for the cheetah, who just lounged on top of the hut the whole time!

Philadelphia Zoo! on Katie Crafts;

Philadelphia Zoo! on Katie Crafts;

These monkeys both looked and smelled like skunks.

The tiger was quite happy to lounge in the water and made no attempts to move.

Philadelphia Zoo! on Katie Crafts;

The zoo has a new thing called “Zoo 360,” where there are tunneled cages amongst some of the habitats, so the animals can move through them and be RIGHT on top of us. We snapped a few shots of this guy, who looks scary with his mouth open but was really just panting. In case you didn’t know, it was very hot that day.

This art was made entirely out of spark plugs!

The monkey house also smelled (obviously!) but was air conditioned, so we didn’t mind!

This not-so-little guy just about broke my heart. He didn’t even fit on that platform to sleep properly (though he had a huge inside and outside to choose from, so not sure why he picked there anyway!) but it was RIGHT by a big window with TONS of kids taking selfies and being loud next to him. He even put his fingers in his ears at one point, presumably to drown out the noise. I was so sad for him. 🙁

Another air conditioned haven was the reptiles & amphibians house. Little man was excited for this too, because he really wanted to see a crocodile! Once he did, he was wired, and dragged me all over to see every reptile he could find!

Philadelphia Zoo! on Katie Crafts;

Philadelphia Zoo! on Katie Crafts;

I think this one was the Nile Crocodile, which made me think of Peter Pan!

Philadelphia Zoo! on Katie Crafts;

More snakes!

Philadelphia Zoo! on Katie Crafts;

Philadelphia Zoo! on Katie Crafts;

Big old happy salamander!

Philadelphia Zoo! on Katie Crafts;

The carousel that played mellow French music the whole day.

Doesn’t this mongoose look fake!?! It looks like some kind of taxidermy exhibit, but I promise, he’s real! He and his little beady eyes!

Philadelphia Zoo! on Katie Crafts;

Flower and butterflies metalwork sculpture on the way in/out of the park!

Despite the heat, we had a wonderful day! I hope we get to go back again soon- preferably in the cooler months of Autumn!

Have you ever been to the Philadelphia Zoo? What is your favorite animal?

8 thoughts on “Philadelphia Zoo!

  1. Your zoo looks awesome! (Love that skunk monkey look! 🙂

    1. Thanks Natalia! Yeah he was so cute (but smelly!)

  2. Looks like you had a great time! I haven’t been to the Philly zoo, everyone raves about it though. Definitely need to make it there one day. The spark plug art is so cool!

    1. It’s pretty much down the street from the Shofuso Japanese Garden, too! So you could do both in one day!

  3. OMG you got some great photos while at the zoo! I can’t believe you guys witnessed Animal Planet material with the giraffes and their mating ritual – lol – too funny! (Thanks for omitting those pics! Ha!)
    I had no idea that it was the very first zoo. That’s pretty awesome. I’m adding it to my Bucket List! =0)
    Thanks for sharing all the amazing photos. The snakes are so close!!!

    1. Thanks Kim! Husband took those snake closeups. Even though they were behind glass, I wasn’t about to get TOO close. Haha!

  4. Great photographs – least favourites were the snakes (having been chased by a cobra when little, I stay well clear of them, even when they’re in cages!) I like the big cats best and sympathise with them in the heat. After all they do have furry coats!

    1. Oh no! I was thankfully never chased by a snake, but I’m pretty squeamish around them anyway!

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