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Rose Earrings

Project: Rose Earrings

I love making jewelry, but there are times that stringing teeny beads using needle-nose jewelry pliers gets tedious. That’s why I like to switch it up sometimes with a very easy jewelry project. Resin cabochons, post earring backs and glue are all you need to complete this project- what can be easier?


  • Flat pad lead free earring posts
  • Glue (Recommended: E-6000)
  • Resin Cabochons


I’ve bought cabochons from several different vendors over the last couple years, but Snapcrafty is by far my favorite. She has a ton of choices and you can’t beat the price! Just make sure whatever cabs you pick are larger than the flat part of the earring post.

As for the earring posts- I can’t remember where I bought them, but I’ve since found them on Amazon for approximately one bazillion times cheaper. They even come with plastic backs (my last posts didn’t, so I had to additionally buy earring backs)!  I’ll be buying from there next time for certain!

The last supply you need is the glue! This is important. I’ve tried two other jewelry glues AND a hot glue gun, and everything always would pop off easily. I finally tried E-6000 and I won’t use any other glue now. Plus it’s great on other craft projects, too- so yay! It does take FOREVER to dry, though. *Note: Forever = about 24 hours.

Just pick your favorite cabs, glue them to the posts (try not to get any glue on your skin!), and let sit cab-side-down in a safe place for 24 hours. By the next day, you’ll have an adorable pair of earrings ready to go!


Don’t have the supplies to make your own, or prefer a pair already made? You can buy navy blue ones like the pair above right from my Etsy shop! Neon green doodles not included. 😉

If you make cabochon jewelry too, what supplies have you found and loved?