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Today’s Playlist: Spring Fever

Today's Playlist: Spring Fever on Katie Crafts;

Today’s Playlist: Spring Fever

You probably don’t know this about me, but I’m quite the mixed-tape-master. I love a good playlist and this one is a super fun and upbeat one. The sun is shining, the weather is lovely, and I’m going to see one of my favorite bands tonight so I’m in a great mood! Here is what I’ll be jamming to as I work today, so you can sing along if you like!

One of my favoritestestest bands ever is Jukebox the Ghost. They’re playing a mini tour (read: only 4 cities, Philly happens to be one of them) comprised of TWO sets per show: one of their music (including new songs from an upcoming album!) and one solely of covers! If you happen to live in Philly, Boston, Brooklyn or D.C., go see them!

In honor of the show this evening, I’ve included a couple of my favorites by Jukebox, as well as several staples from my “Spring Fever 2004” mix that I recreated on my laptop after my original CD got scratched about 8 years ago. “2004?!” you say? “Who wants to listen to songs from a decade ago!? You’ll love it, I promise. I also only included songs with fun music videos, so you can thoroughly enjoy the fun songs even more while watching terribly made terrible quality home-made old videos!

Hip hip hooray for Tuesday tunes! Hope your foot is tapping and your head is bobbing, now! Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday!