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Husband’s Toolbox: Replacing a Macbook Pro Battery

How to Replace a Macbook Pro Battery on Katie Crafts;

Hey everyone, Husband here! Here’s a quick question for you:

What’s worse than having a laptop battery that lasts for under an hour?

Any takers? A DEAD laptop battery. That’s what. It just so happens the battery in Katie’s Macbook died a few weeks ago. I figured why not take some photos while I’m fixing it and show you how to do it, too! Before we start, please read this quick disclaimer:

Note: These instructions are given as-is for replacing a Macbook Pro battery. Please make sure you have some technical knowledge and experience with working with electronics before doing anything to your laptop. We’re not responsible for any issues that arise from following this tutorial. Also, if you have a Macbook, following these instructions will void your warranty. That said, if you’re comfortable with proceeding– onward! Continue reading Husband’s Toolbox: Replacing a Macbook Pro Battery