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Katie Crafts Will Be At Spruce Street Harbor Park!

Katie Crafts at Art Star Spruce Street Harbor Park;

Guess who’s back, back again? I know, it’s been a long while. A recap of the last year is below. But first, I’m excited to announce I’ll be selling my wares with Art Star at Spruce Street Harbor Park in Philadelphia this Saturday, August 5th! But wait, there’s more! Continue reading Katie Crafts Will Be At Spruce Street Harbor Park!

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My Weekend (in photos!)

My Weekend on Katie Crafts;

This weekend was a busy one! I can’t believe it’s already Monday- I feel like I didn’t get ANYTHING accomplished! I went to Jersey on Thursday night so that my sister, father and I could go on our annual crabbing trip on Friday, where we woke up SUPER early and sat in our tiny boat crabbing on the marina for 9 hours straight. We went home with only about 70 crabs, but we caught the two biggest crabs we EVER have in our many years of going! Continue reading My Weekend (in photos!)

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Spruce Street Harbor Park

Spruce Street Harbor Park on Katie Crafts;

Spruce Street Harbor Park

I love living in the city. There is just about everything you could possibly want all within walking distance. Still, there are certain things I miss about living in Jersey and having a car. Especially in the summer. Especially when it involved a random boardwalk trip. Luckily, Philly came up with a wonderful summertime idea: a pop up boardwalk/harbor/awesome place to hang out, drink beer and have funnel cake! Continue reading Spruce Street Harbor Park