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10 Tips & Tricks For Moving

10 Tips & Tricks For Moving by Katie Crafts;

10 Tips & Tricks For Moving

Moving is the worst. There is no way around it! I’m in the middle of packing up my whole life right now for a big move in September (which is way too close for comfort!) Over the years, I’ve become a self-proclaimed expert on packing, and thought I’d share a few tips I picked up along the way that I use for every move as well as a couple new tricks I just learned and can’t wait to use!

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#1. Color Code Rooms

Use different colors of duct or masking tape to color code the boxes that belong in different rooms. This will make it much easier for the movers to see where your boxes belong.

#2. Invest in Large Roll of Plastic Wrap

Not the size you buy in the supermarket- the jumbo size made just for packing! Wrap it around couches to keep cushions in place and to ensure the fabric doesn’t get torn when getting shoved through a tiny door that you aren’t sure how it fit through to begin with. Wrap it around dresser drawers to keep them from opening. Even wrap it around your large plastic totes to keep them closed if you have a habit of overpacking and are afraid they will pop open during the move!

#3. Use What You Have

Collect all your spices up and store them in your crock pot. Put glass jars in paper in your Tupperware containers. Pack laundry in suitcases. Use clothing to protect breakables. Use those small spaces wisely! It will take up much less room and therefore less boxes. Plus, you’ll spend far less on packing materials!

#4. Use Garbage Bags

No need to waste 3 boxes on pillows. Stick them in garbage bags! Also, keep clothes on hangers, push them together and pop a garbage bag around them with the tops of the hangers still accessible and hanging, then close the drawstring. These can be transported easily, put right in your new closet and ready to use again quickly!

#5. Plastic Wrap Silverware

This one you can use your regular old kitchen plastic wrap for! Keep your silverware in it’s holder and wrap them entire thing. This will keep it from clanking around and will make it easy to open later. Plus, without it being wrapped in newspaper, you won’t have to worry about running the dishwasher the moment you get there (which I’ve definitely made the mistake of doing before).

#6. Keep Day Of Materials Handy

Keep scissors, tape, marker, paper towels and cleaning supplies, toilet paper, soap and trash bags in a clear plastic container or bucket, and make sure it does not get packed! You will likely need these things as your move is still going on.

#7. Mark an “OPEN FIRST” Box

Designate one box your “must open this one first!” box. Mark it in a unique way so you’ll see it immediately (use a different colored or patterned tape on all four sides of the box to make it easily recognizable.) Make sure you have your bedding, a towel, shower curtain liner and rings, toilet paper and whatever other things you know you’ll be using the day you’ll get to the new place. Chances are you’ll be exhausted by the end of the move and not want to unpack everything in the universe at once. If you have a starting point, it will make it much easier.

#8. Overnight Bag

Also pack an overnight bag with all the essentials: phone charger, meds, brush, toothpaste and toothbrush, change of clothes. You may have your “open first” box all prepped for the moving truck, but these are the things you want to keep on your person at all times, alongside your purse or personal items (like phone and laptop).

#9. Protect Leakables

“Leakables” are any items that may leak! Open shampoo bottles, cleaners, perfumes and more. You may expertly pack a giant suitcase filled with items only to find the entire suitcase is ruined and your brand new Chi hair straightener is completely broken because a bottle of Pepto Bismal unscrewed and poured out (true story- I don’t want to talk about it.) Unscrew opened bottles and place a piece of plastic wrap on top and re-screw closed. Then place in gallon sized plastic bags. You can never be too careful with things that leak!

#10. Save Hardware

Tape screws and handles/hardware to the inside of the dresser/etc. that they belong to so you can easily find them later.

I hope you found some of these tips and tricks useful! What other suggestions do you have for someone who is moving?

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  1. Great tips, Katie! Color coding and “open first” box is something I needed to know… Oh, well… I am sure I will need these advices again one day.

  2. Awesome tips. I hope I don’t have to use them any time soon. Moving is such a chore!

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