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An Irish Blessing

An Irish Blessing by Katie Crafts;

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, to all the Irish readers out there, including the ones who are only Irish on March 17th! I am going to a nice dinner tonight, so I have my fancy green shirt picked out, my nails are ready to go, and I will likely wear a green bow in my hair as well. Whatever it is you plan on doing to celebrate, I hope you keep this Irish blessing in the back of your mind! It’s a lovely thought not just for today, but for every day. I wish you all happiness!

3 thoughts on “An Irish Blessing

  1. Happy St.Patrics Day party!
    Thank you for the blessing too!

  2. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Enjoy your dinner. Ogre is Irish and made me a scrumptious shepherd’s pie.

  3. Awesome quote, Katie! I hope you’ll be sharing your dinner outfit later!

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