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Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas on Katie Crafts;

?On the tenth day of Christmas, Katie Crafts gave to me…?

Not one, not two, but THREE amazing gift guides for you to shop! All three of these boards that are chock full of Christmas gift ideas are courtesy of Anna from Gentle Decisions. Aren’t they lovely!? Check out each of the treasuries below and shop your little Christmas hearts out!

Before you get to shopping, check out Anna’s shop! It’s filled with beautiful hand crafted floral accessories that you will totally love. Also feel free to check out the original treasuries here, here and here! Now, on to shopping!! Enjoy!

  1. Richwood Creations
  2. Cathy Telle
  3. Holiday Spirits Decor
  4. Pardes
  5. Not Perfect Linen
  6. Fairy Folk
  7. Anewall
  8. Waen
  9. Past Your Porchlight
  10. Waterstone Succulents
  11. Debrosse NYC
  12. Goraygami
  13. Pole Star
  14. Patricija
  15. Aleks Polymer
  16. Linen Tales in Bed


  1. Vintage Lovers Shop
  2. The Blue Rabbit House
  3. Be Woolen
  4. Cardboard Christmas
  5. The Whirlwind
  6. Pillow Link
  7. Rail 19
  8. Taylors Eclectic
  9. XiaoLizi
  10. Lino Haze
  11. Antidote Skin Care
  12. Fancy Knittles
  13. Tecture Goods
  14. Sweet Keetle
  15. Beauty Spot
  16. Iamamother


  1. Cathy Telle
  2. Khalima Lights
  3. 2 of 2
  4. Waen
  5. Port Rhombus
  6. Whimsy and Spice
  7. Julia Wine
  8. Lily & Val
  9. The Sophisticated Hillbilly
  10. Dancing in the Rains
  11. Handmade and Heritage
  12. Coriumi
  13. Artet Manufacture
  14. Lazy Animals
  15. Bighorn Treasures

Which of these three treasuries is your favorite? Did you score any great Christmas gifts from it?

1 thought on “Christmas Gift Ideas

  1. Beautiful treasuries! Lots of gift ideas, thank you, Katie!
    (Anna’s shop is lovely too 🙂

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