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Easter Nail Art: Peeps!

Easter Nail Art: Peeps! by Katie Crafts;

Easter Nail Art: Peeps!

Last year, I had a very cute nail art design for Easter that was reminiscent of a little basket with flowers and decorated eggs. This year, I went for a different Easter staple: Peeps!

Besides my grandmother, no one in my family really likes Peeps all that much, but I still always put them in our Easter baskets. They are just so cute! I obviously had to use them in my holiday design.

I wasn’t planning on getting a manicure this week, but Husband and I had an hour to kill before a tour yesterday with nothing to do, so I decided to get a fun spring-y color on my nails as the base for a nail art I could do later. Plus, my cuticles were so dry and gross- they really needed the love.

I picked OPI’s “Sit Under The Apple Tree” green, which came out lighter than I thought it would, but is still really fun. Plus it’s shimmery, which I love. You can use whatever color or brand of polish you like for this, though!


  • Nail polish of your choice for base coat
  • Acrylic paint in: white, black, teal, purple, pink and yellow
  • Large and small dotting tools
  • Clear top coat


  • With clean dry nails, do one to two coats of your preferred base coat shade and let dry.
  • Put a dab of each color on your palette.
  • Put a dab of white beside each color.
  • Mix the white in to each to make it lighter and give it more “pop” on your nails!
  • Use your largest dotting tool dipped in the first color to make a bunny body and adjoining body head on your ring finger.
  • Next, use the opposite side/smaller dotting tool in the same color to make two bunny ears.
  • Repeat using the other colors on your other ring finger and both thumbs. Let dry. Don’t worry about the paint looking stippled- your clear coat will smooth it out.
  • Use your smallest dotting tool dipped in black paint to make little eyes and noses on the bunnies. Let dry.
  • Seal in your PEEPS! look with a clear top coat and let dry. Done!

Easter Nail Art: Peeps! by Katie Crafts;

SO CUTE!!! I love this design so much and can’t wait to show it to the kids on Easter. How will you be decorating your nails for the holiday? Peep peep!

Easter Nail Art: Peeps! by Katie Crafts;

7 thoughts on “Easter Nail Art: Peeps!

  1. Sooo cute! Is that a Peeps plush toy?? I totally want one!

  2. Very cute design! You always have great ideas for the nails!

    1. Thanks Natalia! 🙂

  3. Eeeep! Look at the peeps! Super cute nail art, Katie.

  4. I haven’t ever enjoyed eating Peeps, but they make a very cute manicure! ^.^

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