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Husband’s Etsy Picks: Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

Husband's Etsy Picks: Valentine's Day Gifts For Him by Katie Crafts;

Husband’s Etsy Picks: Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

It’s that time of year again! That time when you’re supposed to smother your significant other with all kinds of love an affection! Just don’t tell Katie, she’s liable to scream and run away from me because I’m so hideous. 😉

Since she took care of the Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her, I figured I’d put together a treasury of items that I (or other men like me) would love to get on Valentine’s day. Based on the items I’ve picked, it’s highly possible that I’m lumberjack in disguise. Hopefully the man in your life has a beard and likes things made of wood and leather, too.

To check out all the super cool gifts I added, why not check my treasury out right on Etsy?! Please make sure to comment and favorite it, too!

  1. HammerOnSteel
  2. BeardOil
  3. ShackValley
  5. ScarfTrends
  6. BlackBaroque
  7. Trees4TheWood
  8. MakeLoveLive
  9. CoolBeanPerksCoffee
  10. Standard
  11. CabinLightCandles
  12. StarLightLeather
  13. ThatBeardStuff
  14. LingPai
  15. EchoHillForge
  16. BiteOfHeaven

ALSO! Don’t forget to get your orders in before it’s too late! Katie has some really awesome Valentine’s Day Etsy items for sale!

Now that you checked everything out, what do you think the guy in your life will like best? Let Katie and I know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Husband’s Etsy Picks: Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

  1. Great picks for Valentine’s Day!

  2. Great finds! Always wondering what the men want to get as a gift!

  3. Lots of great picks in this collection! Love that beer can opener. And the mugs would be something I would get (mostly for ME). =0)

  4. Love the picks Katie! Thanks for sharing! I think this year, we’re skipping the gifts since we’ll be on vacation during Valentine’s Day. Probably going to have a delicious steak dinner to celebrate!

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