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5 Minute Tulle Pom Pom Flowers

5 Minute Tulle Pom Pom Flowers Tutorial by Katie Crafts;

Project: 5 Minute Tulle Pom Pom Flowers

Five minutes is being very generous. It’s more like under 3 minutes, but I rounded up in case it takes you a long time to use scissors. 😉 This is the easiest and quickest tutorial I’ll ever post, but it sets up an ADORABLE DIY I will be sharing next week, so you should learn them now!


  • Tulle (6″ width roll)
  • Scissors


The directions to make these are so simple, you just need to look above at the photos to see what to do! Just in case you need printed instructions too, here they are!

  • Cut a long strip of tulle, however long you like
  • Cut a short one inch strip of tulle and set aside
  • Gently stretch the long piece of tulle to make less stiff
  • Wrap tulle around hand
  • Shimmy off gently
  • Use short strip of tulle to tie a knot around middle, creating a “bow” of sorts
  • Use scissors to cut ends of bow, creating many layers
  • Use fingers to fluff up in to a flower. If you started with a very long strip of tulle and have a ton of layers, you may turn your flower in to a tulle pom pom if that suits your fancy better!
  • Use scissors to trim what you don’t like and to make more “petals”
  • Make a million more because it took no time at all to make the first one!

Use these in all kinds of crafts! Put them on your Valentine’s Day card for added decoration! Pile them on top of each other for super fluffy flowers! Add shabby chic rosettes on top and make a…. whoa, now. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. That’s in next week’s tutorial. But here’s a little sneak peek!

What will you use these cute little pom pom flowers for?

4 thoughts on “5 Minute Tulle Pom Pom Flowers

  1. This would make a great decoration for a packaging box!

  2. So cute Katie! The pom poms are adorable and they go really well with the flowers.

  3. Why did you take the pink tulle?

    1. Hi Michael! I used pink tulle to match the tutu I had also made, as requested by my friend. I bought it off Amazon. Does that help answer your question?

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