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Words For Wednesday: Maintaining Summer

Words For Wednesday: Maintaining Summer on Katie Crafts;

Words For Wednesday: Maintaining Summer

Today is supposed to bring freezing weather and snow to my area. Fun! It made me wish for the days of Summer- though not really. I hate being hot. Maybe Spring or Fall will be better. 😉 Either way, I found this quote by Henry David Thoreau that I thought would be perfect for today!

“One must maintain a little bit of Summer, even in the middle of Winter.”

I was trying to think of ways to “maintain Summer” and came up with a few ideas!

  • A beach smelling candle can set the mood
  • An indoor picnic will make it feel like a day outside
  • Have a summery cocktail with an umbrella
  • Hit up an indoor swimming pool or jacuzzi
  • Grill things indoors and have a BBQ with friends
  • Watch movies about the Summertime while giving yourself a pedicure
  • Take a trip to somewhere warmer

What ways are you keeping Summertime alive?

4 thoughts on “Words For Wednesday: Maintaining Summer

  1. Oh gosh, I love this quote. Winter always brings a little depression my way, and it always helps to think of the bright, sunny summer days. =0)

  2. Great quote! And your day of “summer inside” sounds like lots of fun! 🙂

  3. Hehe, I love this, especially because summer is my favorite season!

  4. Fun ideas! I like driving to the beach and eating lunch inside my car during the winter more than summer because the meters are off and the tourists are gone. 😀

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