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My Etsy Picks: Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her

My Etsy Picks: Valentine's Day Gifts For Her by Katie Crafts;

My Etsy Picks: Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her

This week is going to be a little fun: there will be two treasuries featured! One is above, showing an array of wonderful gifts you can get your girl for this upcoming Valentine’s Day. I handpicked each item based on the fact that *I* want them all!! At the end of the week, my Husband will share a second treasury of “Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him.” In it, he’ll offer many suggestions on things to get your guy- things that he is hoping I’ll get for him, too!

What girl wouldn’t like to be gifted one of these amazing items on February 14th!? They’re all pretty special if you ask me. Check out each of the shops below to discover more great items!

To see the full treasury in all it’s Etsy glory, pop on over right here! Be sure to comment and fave the treasury!

  1. Lina Scarf
  2. Ladybird Press
  3. My Zoetrope
  4. Natalia’s Jewellry
  5. Twisted Sister Treats
  6. The Coffee Corner
  7. Julianne Blumlo
  8. Talking Gloves
  9. Emily McDowell Draws
  10. Annie Reh
  11. Zana Products
  12. Simcase
  13. Black Baroque
  14. Sennursasa
  15. Adora Wools
  16. Darkroom and Dearly

Don’t forget to get your orders in before it is too late for my own Valentine’s Etsy items!

Which item above is your fave?

3 thoughts on “My Etsy Picks: Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her

  1. I am flattered to be included!
    Cannot wait for your husband’s treasury! I am always in a loss what to give to a guy!

  2. I love everything on this list. Especially the mugs and pillow set. Super fun!

  3. Lovely finds! The penguin is too cute. ^.^

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