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Last Minute Halloween Costume Idea DIY

Last Minute Halloween Costume Idea: Animal Headbands DIY by Katie Crafts;

Last Minute Halloween Costume Idea DIY: Animal Headbands

Tomorrow is finally Halloween! While Husband and I will be Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass later on in the evening at the annual Halloween party we go to, we need something fun for when the kids come trick-or-treating earlier in the evening. I have a cute vampire bat face dress I got on Etsy a few years ago that I’ll pair with a little witch’s hat I have and some tights. Our storage unit has a cowboy hat and pirate hat that Husband could have worn, but we haven’t had the chance to get over there yet, so he has nothing fun at the ready. But don’t worry, I’ve fixed that issue in 5 minutes!

While searching for inspiration, I went through my craft bin and found green, yellow and black felt, an old headband and some glue. Eureka! I’ll grab Husband’s long sleeved green shirt for him to wear after work tomorrow and make him some little froggy eyes to wear with it! Full on super involved costume? No. Cute and mega quick DIY so he’s adorable when trick-or-treaters ring our doorbell? Yes.


-Elmer’s Glue (or hot glue gun if you prefer)

-Felt or fleece in green, yellow and black*


-Old headband


This tutorial is so easy, it pretty much speaks for itself! Just check out the photos below and in five minutes you’ll have some green frog eyes ready to wear!*

*Swap out the green felt for something else if you don’t want to be a frog! The exact same shaped cut of felt in brown can give you bear ears. Larger black felt can give you mouse ears. Pointier can give you black cat ears, red devil horns or pink piggy ears. It’s all up to you and what you have laying around! As long as you have a piece of felt, an outfit you can picture pairing this with, and five minutes for these five steps, this tutorial is perfect for you!

Just 5 minutes for an instant costume? Perfect! Now let’s see it on the model…

Isn’t Husband adorable? He’ll be such a good froggy tomorrow!

What are you wearing tomorrow to celebrate Halloween? Will you try making an animal headband?