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New Wednesday Look!

"Don't Stress! Relax! Let life roll off your backs. Except for death and paying taxes, everything in life is only for now!" - Avenue Q; Print out at Katie Crafts;

We (fingers crossed!) close on the house this Friday! Our official move date is September 16th, but we’ll probably start bringing some things over early and doing a little work there. We’ll also be super busy packing – yeah, I’m still not done – and cleaning and moving, and then unpacking and cleaning and settling in over the course of the next month. That means I sadly won’t have time for my normal Wednesday Etsy Featured Shop interviews!

My very awesome blogging friends have fun things that they do on Wednesdays, whether it be a “Wordless Wednesday” where no words are needed because an amazing photo says it all, or a “Words For Wednesday” where a great quote is found (like above!) I’ll be taking a page from their books for my Wednesday posts for the next month or so til I’m ready to host giveaways and Etsy features again! I’ll switch up each Wednesday according to what photo or quote I find that I really want to share that week. This week, since this house stuff has me mega stressed, I thought I’d share my favorite quote about not stressing, from one of my fave plays: Avenue Q!

Like the image and want to print it for your wall or fridge? You can download it right here (will print as 8×10)!

What things do you do to remove the stress from your life? Have a favorite “don’t stress!” quote you want to share?