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Wordless Wednesday: Crocus Vernus

Wordless Wednesday: Crocus Vernus on Katie Crafts;

Wordless Wednesday: Crocus Vernus

It FINALLY feels like Spring outside!!! I feel like it’s been forever. This week, Husband and I actually walked to the coffee shop without coats. It was glorious! Tulips are beginning to bloom all over and I can’t wait to see more flowers begin to bud.

All the pretty flowers made me remember this photo I took of these gorgeous Spring Crocuses at the Flower Show. Aren’t they lovely?! It is one of my favorite pics from that day. The purple and white petals are just so pretty.

I just planted Gladiolus bulbs that will hopefully bring a little color to our front and back patios, but sadly I don’t think any were purple. We’ll see when (if) they bloom!

What flowers are you most looking forward to seeing this Spring?

4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Crocus Vernus

  1. I love this photo. I’m a huge fan of purple, so these are just fabulous!
    Don’t you just love it when you can go outside without a jacket or a coat for the first time? It just makes you feel happy, like an automatic mood enhancer. =0)

    I’m looking forward to finding out if any of my sunflowers pop up sometime soon!

  2. Love love love this photo Katie! Sounds like the Philly Flower Show was a lot of fun! I wish they had something like this in Jersey!

  3. Absolutely beautiful picture! And welcome to the spring club! It is funny how we got spring before you even though we are further to the north 🙂

  4. What pretty petals! My favorite flowers of spring are pretty much any tree blossom.

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