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Wordless Wednesday: Hungry Visitor

Wordless Wednesday: Hungry Visitor on Katie Crafts; http/

Wordless Wednesday: Hungry Visitor

Earlier this week, I went out back to water our plants and found a very hungry caterpillar visiting! We are pretty sure he is responsible for half our tomato plant being gone- not to mention he was about five inches long!- so we wanted to move him as quickly as possible.

I was excited that a giant beautiful caterpillar such as he would grow up to be a beautiful butterfly, so we snapped a few photos and ran to Google. Turns out he is a Privet Hawk Moth caterpillar, which is a pretty terrifying looking moth. (Only look it up if you really want to!) That was even more incentive to relocate him! We tried to collect him on a napkin but he wouldn’t slink on to it, so we had to wait for him to attach to a branch of basil and then we snapped it and put him and the basil in a cup. Then we walked down the street to the park and laid him on a shrub. He sat frozen for a few moments, but then began happily nibbling away again.

Before we left, we named him Bernie. Hopefully Bernie is still eating his way through the park and no birds or dogs came after him.

Have you ever found a very hungry visitor on your property before?