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Quick Summer Skirt Tutorial

Quick Summer Skirt Tutorial by Katie Crafts;

Project: Quick Summer Skirt Tutorial

This weekend was gorgeous! It wasn’t quite skirt weather, but almost! New dresses and skirts are always the first thing I want to buy when the weather gets warm, but if you have the fabric and a little bit of time, why not make your own? Continue reading Quick Summer Skirt Tutorial

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DIY Circle Skirt Tutorial

DIY Circle Skirt Tutorial on Katie Crafts;

Project: DIY Circle Skirt Tutorial

Today, I’m going to teach you the tutorial I’ve been really excited about since the day I learned how to turn on my sewing machine! Circle skirts are one of my favoritest things ever (what girl doesn’t love to twirl?), so I was both happy and terrified to try my hand at making one. I went through many other projects first, biding my time and avoiding making a skirt that I was going to destroy with my lack of skills. I also assumed (incorrectly, might I add!) that all apparel, particularly the circle skirt, would be too hard for my beginner abilities. With summer just around the corner and a new wardrobe quite literally at my fingertips, I decided to bite the bullet and give it a try. I’m so glad I did! Continue reading DIY Circle Skirt Tutorial