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ELF Haul Giveaway

12 Days of Christmas: Day 1; e.l.f. Haul Giveaway! on Katie Crafts;

?On the first day of Christmas, Katie Crafts gave to me…?

A big E.L.F. Cosmetics giveaway to kick off the holiday season! Since the 12 days of Christmas span over two weeks time, I’ve decided to split things up a bit. This first week is going to be all about the giveaways! That way you have some time to enter. Next week will be filled with DIYs, shopping and more! Continue reading ELF Haul Giveaway

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e.l.f. Haul Swatches!

e.l.f. Haul Swatches on Katie Crafts;

e.l.f. Haul Swatches!

I’ve been slowly accumulating my stash of e.l.f. cosmetics for a few months now, and I thought I’d swatch out some of my collection! I have far too many eyeshadows from them to swatch, but here are a few of my new additions, and a few of my favorites! Continue reading e.l.f. Haul Swatches!