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S’mores 5 Ways!

S'mores 5 Ways on Katie Crafts;

The Ultimate 4th of July Dessert: S’mores in 5 Different Ways!

With 4th of July right around the corner, Katie, her Husband (which I will refer to only as Brother-in-Law) and myself started discussing what to make for a picnic. We had different ideas about salads, hamburgers vs. hotdogs, and even what to drink. There was one thing, however, we all could agree on! No 4th of July picnic would be complete without S’mores! How could something so simple to make, taste so good? We decided that we should try to make the S’mores a bit more fancy this year rather than just the normal way. We then came up with five different versions to try at the picnic, and these are the results! We each rated them from 1 to 5. Continue reading S’mores 5 Ways!

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Sunday Funday: Issue 19

Sunday Funday: Issue 19 on Katie Crafts;

Sunday Funday: Issue 19

Hello everyone! Today’s Sunday Funday is going to be slightly different.  While normally Katie is the one who does these posts, she has been busy getting things ready for the 4th of July picnic coming up and asked me to do it.  My name is Jessica and I am Katie’s younger sister by 2 and half years.  I am not as crafty as my sister but I can come up with some great poetry or a fictional story when the mood strikes me, so please bear with me for this post.  This blog is my very first attempt so I hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed typing it. 🙂 Continue reading Sunday Funday: Issue 19