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Easter Recipe: No-Bake Chocolate Chex Mix Nests

No-Bake Chocolate Chex Mix Nests Recipe on Katie Crafts;

Easter Recipe: No-Bake Chocolate Chex Mix Nests

I’ve made little coconut nest cupcakes for Easter before, as well as chocolate covered Peeps, but this year I wanted to kind of combine the two! I found a super easy recipe for no-bake chocolate Chex Mix Popped nests on Betty Crocker and I knew I had to give it a try. Continue reading Easter Recipe: No-Bake Chocolate Chex Mix Nests

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Happy National Chocolate Day!

Happy National Chocolate Day! on Katie Crafts;

There are a few holidays I absolutely insist on celebrating because of their sheer importance in this world. National Chocolate Day is obviously one of them. While away on our one-year-anniversary-trip this past weekend, we stopped in a little shop that had a whole section devoted to Milka chocolate bars and other items (surprisingly a Kraft Food’s brand, unsurprisingly not as delicious here as in Europe, but still more wonderful than other chocolates). I bought a couple bars to save for today so that I could celebrate this most holy day! Happy National Chocolate Day, one and all!

How will you be celebrating?

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5 Things I Can’t Live Without

5 Things I Can't Live Without on Katie Crafts;

5 Things I Can’t Live Without

Today’s post is all about 5 things that are total essentials for me, things I just can’t live without! It was inspired by a conversation about Man Crates, a company that makes fun gift boxes for guys. The Husband is pretty excited about this concept, since most subscription sampler boxes we hear about are for us ladies, or include things he has no interest in! If I could make my own survival kit box, these things would be in it. Continue reading 5 Things I Can’t Live Without

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S’mores 5 Ways!

S'mores 5 Ways on Katie Crafts;

The Ultimate 4th of July Dessert: S’mores in 5 Different Ways!

With 4th of July right around the corner, Katie, her Husband (which I will refer to only as Brother-in-Law) and myself started discussing what to make for a picnic. We had different ideas about salads, hamburgers vs. hotdogs, and even what to drink. There was one thing, however, we all could agree on! No 4th of July picnic would be complete without S’mores! How could something so simple to make, taste so good? We decided that we should try to make the S’mores a bit more fancy this year rather than just the normal way. We then came up with five different versions to try at the picnic, and these are the results! We each rated them from 1 to 5. Continue reading S’mores 5 Ways!

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Orange Chocolate Cupcake Recipe

Orange Chocolate Cupcake Recipe by Katie Crafts;

Recipe: Orange Chocolate Cupcakes

Well here it is. The last birthday I have to celebrate in May- and it happens to be my Husband’s! (Happy birthday, honey!) While I didn’t bake him cupcakes this year (he opted for salted chocolate pots with caramel sauce instead!), I asked him to pick out his favorite recipe from my stash. Yummy moist chocolate citrus cupcakes with chocolate chips topped with orange buttercream frosting and shaved chocolate bits was the winner. Here you go! Continue reading Orange Chocolate Cupcake Recipe