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Happy National Milk Chocolate Day!

Happy National Milk Chocolate Day! on Katie Crafts;

Yes, today is in fact National Milk Chocolate Day! Milk chocolate is one of life’s greatest gifts, so I plan on celebrating lots today!

Here is a little history about this wonderful treat. True milk chocolate was born in 1875, when Swiss chocolate manufacturer (and neighbor of Nestlé) Daniel Peter combined powdered milk with chocolate liquor. Peter was visiting Nestlé when he came up with the idea to combine their new invention of evaporated milk with chocolate. It was perfected even further a few years later when Lindt invented the conching machine, a mixer and agitator which would evenly distributes the cocoa butter in the chocolate, making it smoother.

I love learning about chocolate almost as much as I like eating it! I hope you enjoy your National Milk Chocolate Day! Be sure to celebrate by having some chocolate today, and share your favorite chocolate related recipe in the comments for other readers to try!