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My Etsy Picks: Needle Arts

My Etsy Picks: Needle Arts

I heart needle art! Whether it’s crochet or knit, cross stitch or embroidery, I love it. Especially lately! Something about the end of summer/beginning of fall puts me in a super crochet-y mood. I guess it’s when I usually start making everyone’s Christmas presents, scarves, etc. I wish I knew how to do all the needle arts, but alas- I cannot! So I must look elsewhere for inspiration. Off to Etsy for the perfect gift guide! Continue reading My Etsy Picks: Needle Arts

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Needle Art Mysteries: Knitting

Needle Art Mysteries: Knitting on Katie Crafts;

Needle Art Mysteries: Knitting!

Okay guys! It’s Jess here with another round of needle arts to be revealed! I know it’s been two weeks since the last post but I had trouble deciding on which one to research. Right now I am actually helping my sister with some packing of things because of the big move she is making. While we were deciding which part of her place to tackle I suggested her crafting area. She has a lot of crafting supplies as it stands and most of it can be boxed away till she moves. As I was going under her couch to get whatever cat toys had gone under there, I came across some yarn and remembered that I mentioned I would do a knitting mysteries post. That was when I realized that now would be a good time to do the research for it! Continue reading Needle Art Mysteries: Knitting