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Top 10 Most Unusual Upcycled Jewelry Organizers by Natalia Khon

Top 10 Unusual Upcycled Jewelry Organizers on Katie Crafts;

As I mentioned Monday, this week is a rough one. I had one long post in drafts and was able to work up only a couple short ones for the week. Thankfully, a blogging buddy has offered to help out further! Today’s blog is a repost from our past guest blogger Natalia Khon. She shared a really cool Top 10 with her readers last week that I thought you may enjoy as well! Check out her original post here, and let me know below which your favorite upcycled jewelry organizer is! (Mine is the tree!) Continue reading Top 10 Most Unusual Upcycled Jewelry Organizers by Natalia Khon

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What Are You Doing? Blog Hop #114

What Are You Doing? Blog Hop #114 on Katie Crafts;

Welcome to week two of the September blog hop! Last week, Robin of Redo It Yourself Inspirations posted an amazing DIY on refashioning old bottles and jars into spooky apothecary Halloween decor! She even pinned an entire Pinterest board devoted to labels, of which I’ve already scoured and downloaded tons. I’m so glad she’s the featured post for this week! Check out her post and Pinterest board and add your links to the What Are You Doing? Blog Hop at the bottom of the page. Maybe you’ll be next week’s featured post!

Continue reading What Are You Doing? Blog Hop #114

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5 Quotes About Creativity

My favorite time to scroll through the boards of Pinterest is late at night, in my jammies, when I can be totally lazy. On the boards, I’m constantly finding inspiring quotes about art, life, being creative and following your dreams. The one above by Albert Einstein is my favorite. While I could easily share with you a million different quotes, these are the 5 quotes about creativity that really stuck with me. Hope you like them too! Continue reading 5 Quotes About Creativity