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MORE Redditgifts Exchanges!?

MORE Redditgifts Exchanges!? on Katie Crafts;

Sooo I may have just participated in two redditgifts exchanges a mere month ago, but they just announced a dozen new ones and I’m in love with 7 of them. OF COURSE I won’t participate in all seven (I don’t have that kind of money!), but I have to do at least one, or two, or three. Okay, I’m a monster. Continue reading MORE Redditgifts Exchanges!?

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Redditgifts For The Teachers 2014

Redditgifts For The Teachers 2014

Every year, the Husband and I buy various school supplies and drop them off in donation bins at local coffee shops and the like. This year, I’m doing things a little differently! I’ve signed up to send a care package of goodies to a teacher in need via redditgifts!

For the third year in a row, redditgifts is holding a special gift drive for all teachers who sign up! Similar to our fun handmade swap, in that anyone who signs up as a gifter is responsible for sending out a care package filled with whatever goodies you deem worthy for a teacher in need. Signups close on August 18th, so register today to help a school in need! Continue reading Redditgifts For The Teachers 2014