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Benique Jewelry Review

Benique Jewelry Review by Katie Crafts;

I’m a winner! No, not of the Powerball (though that would surely be nice), but of a gift card to La Vie en May had lots of great giveaways going on during the Christmas season, and one was a gift certificate to Benique. I hadn’t heard of them before, but after checking out their products I was in love! When I found out I won $10 towards my purchase, I jumped right on their site and picked out my favorite earrings. Continue reading Benique Jewelry Review

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Review of Jade Journey

Review of Jade Journey on Katie Crafts;

Review of Jade Journey on Etsy

A couple of weeks ago, I revealed my total obsession with all things anchors! In my “Anchors Away” Etsy treasury, I included this really adorable Key Fob by a shop named Jade Journey. As a ‘thank you’ for including her, the shop owner, Dawn, sent me my very own personalized fob! Continue reading Review of Jade Journey

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My First Graze Box!

My Graze Box! on Katie Crafts;

Nom nom nom! I recently signed up for a fun and delicious subscription service over at Graze, where I receive a box every week with four healthy snacks based on things I want to try, like or love! Graze is marketed as ‘snacking reinvented,’ and that’s exactly what it is. Continue reading My First Graze Box!