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Revlon Nail Art Appliqués

Revlon Nail Art Appliqués on Katie Crafts;

I teeter back and forth between really loving nail wraps, and really hating them. That’s because half of the time I have a positive experience, and the other half are negative ones. I’ve tried many Sally Hansen ones and had great success- and many of the same brand were complete failures. I found the new Revlon Nail Art 3D Jewel Appliqués Candy Vibes in my CVS yesterday and though I’d give them a whirl. Continue reading Revlon Nail Art Appliqués

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Nail Art: Jury Duty Nails

Project: Jury Duty Nail Art Design

Tomorrow morning, I have Jury Duty. Actually, by the time you read this I’ll have already been sitting in a stuffy room somewhere for 3 hours waiting for my name to be called (and inevitably mispronounced quite terribly). My navy nails were all chipped and awful looking, and while I don’t have an extravagantly elegant outfit planned to wear to my civic duty (read: sweater dress, tights, comfy boots), I thought I should at minimum remove the old polish from my nails and start fresh. Continue reading Nail Art: Jury Duty Nails