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5 Quick Sewing Projects

5 Quick Sewing Projects by Katie Crafts;

Happy (Throwback) Thursday! Today I’m sharing 5 Quick Sewing Projects from the past year. They are great for people just starting out, for someone who wants to complete a weekend project early enough that they still have their weekend ahead of them, or just anyone who can’t handle time consuming projects! Continue reading 5 Quick Sewing Projects

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DIY Turban Headband Tutorial

DIY Turban Headband Tutorial by Katie Crafts;

Project: DIY Turban Headband Tutorial

I love the look of turban headbands, but usually they are either WAY too large (Hello! I don’t want 100% of my hair covered or else I’d wear a hat!) OR they are WAY too expensive (Oh Anthropologie, you do it to me every time! $38 for one headband?! I just can’t.) I started searching and found many a tutorial on making your own. Some were great and some were, well, really hard to follow. I took pieces of several different tutorials and came up with my own, for a skinnier version of a turban headband! It isn’t perfect, but I really like how it turned out. Maybe you will too! Continue reading DIY Turban Headband Tutorial