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5 Recipes for Memorial Day

5 Recipes for Memorial Day on Katie Crafts;

Memorial Day weekend is already here! Is it just me, or is this year basically flying by? I’ll be spending Saturday and Sunday in Jersey with family eating lots of delicious things- and Dad already promised to make us some steak on the grill! Then it’s back here on Monday to spend Memorial Day in Philly. When we get home after a long weekend, we’ll want to make something easy for the holiday. I found 5 recipes for Memorial Day that are simple and delicious that you will want to try! Continue reading 5 Recipes for Memorial Day

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Watermelon Nail Art Design

Watermelon Nail Art Design by Katie Crafts;

Watermelon Nail Art Design

Inspired yesterday by Aquariann‘s watermelon nail wrap post, I decided to try my hand at making my own watermelon nail art design! My apple design is still my fave fruit so far, but these are a pretty cute way to end the summer. BONUS: If you skip one step, you end up with strawberry nails! Which do you like better? Continue reading Watermelon Nail Art Design