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Whole30, Day 1!

Whole 30, Day 1! on Katie Crafts;

Happy Monday, readers! Today is the day I begin Whole30! I’ve been feeling very sluggish and tired and generally yucky lately, so I was looking for a way to reset my insides and try to figure out what it is causing it. My friends were about to start Whole30 too, so I hopped on the bandwagon with Husband in tow. Here we are: Whole30, Day 1! Continue reading Whole30, Day 1!

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Super Bowl Sunday Snacks

Super Bowl Sunday Snacks on Katie Crafts;

Whether you’re a Panthers or a Broncos fan (or neither!), chances are you’ll be hanging out with friends this Sunday for Super Bowl 50! Bring or serve these awesome Super Bowl Sunday snacks and you’ll be the one scoring a touchdown! Continue reading Super Bowl Sunday Snacks

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5 Recipes for Memorial Day

5 Recipes for Memorial Day on Katie Crafts;

Memorial Day weekend is already here! Is it just me, or is this year basically flying by? I’ll be spending Saturday and Sunday in Jersey with family eating lots of delicious things- and Dad already promised to make us some steak on the grill! Then it’s back here on Monday to spend Memorial Day in Philly. When we get home after a long weekend, we’ll want to make something easy for the holiday. I found 5 recipes for Memorial Day that are simple and delicious that you will want to try! Continue reading 5 Recipes for Memorial Day

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10 Cupcakes for the Summer

10 Awesome Cupcakes for the Summer that you have to try!! on Katie Crafts;

Recipes: 10 Cupcakes for the Summer

Cupcakes are one of my favorite things to bake. May is just around the corner, which means my sister’s birthday, my dad’s birthday, my husband’s birthday, his grandmother’s birthday, Mother’s Day and Memorial Day are all almost here. Yeah- May is a very busy month! I searched for recipes I want to use for the upcoming events and found so many, I just had to share! Continue reading 10 Cupcakes for the Summer

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3 Mason Jar Dessert Ideas for the Holidays

3 Mason Jar Dessert Ideas for the Holidays on Katie Crafts;

3 Mason Jar Dessert Ideas for the Holidays

I am a BIG fan of DIY gifts during the holiday season. Partly because I never ever have the money to just BUY everyone gifts, but also partly because it gives me such a great reason to put my crafting habit (and supplies) to good use! I still have a dozen jelly jars from past mason jar projects that I want to use for this upcoming season, so I found a few people who served amazing desserts in them and am going to give their ideas a try! Continue reading 3 Mason Jar Dessert Ideas for the Holidays

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Taco Tuesday: 5 Recipes!

Taco Tuesday: 5 Recipes on Katie Crafts;

Taco Tuesday: 5 Recipes! (+ Bonus Burrito Recipe!)

It’s Taco Tuesday! To celebrate, I spent many hours slaving away on Pinterest (read: 30 minutes enjoying Pinterest) to find you 5 taco recipes that make me drool! I also threw in a burrito recipe for Husband, because those are his favorite. I haven’t tried any of these yet, but certainly will once we move in to the new place and unearth our cookware! Continue reading Taco Tuesday: 5 Recipes!