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Cherry Nail Art

Cherry Nail Art by Katie Crafts;

Cherry pie filling, cherry tarts, an amigurumi cherry pattern– it’s time for one last cherry post! I used my Sally Hansen Miracle Gel (no UV light needed!) and made a cute look perfect for the Summer.

I loooove the Miracle Gel polishes! They still chip like regular polish, but they last a little longer and they make my nails feel much stronger. I just really love the feel of them. I’m waiting for a good coupon or sale to grab a few more colors! You don’t have to use the gels to get this cherry nail art look, however. You can use a regular light blue polish and clear top coat if that’s what you have on hand!



  • No need to do a base coat with the Sally Hansen Miracle Gels. Do one coat of the pretty periwinkle Sugar Fix, let dry, and do a second coat. Let that dry too!
  • Use the large end of the dotting tool to make two cherries on whichever accent nails you intend to decorate. Let dry.
  • Use the nail art brush and green polish to draw little connected stems and some leaves. Let dry.
  • Use a white striper or white nail polish and nail art brush to create small a small dot or line to create a little “shiny glare spot.” Let dry.

Cherry Nail Art by Katie Crafts;

  • When your nails are totally dry, give them each a quick coat of the Miracle Gel Top Coat. Let dry and enjoy your nails!
Cherry Nail Art by Katie Crafts;
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What other fruits should I paint on my nails?